Thanks to @Annotations, @Progress is @Unstoppable!

My code back in 2000

private Collection employees;

My code back in 2004

private Collection<Employee> employees;

My code back in 2005

// Darn compiler won't stop bitching. Will fix this later.
@SuppressWarnings({"unchecked", "rawtypes"})
private Collection employees;

My code today

@SuppressWarnings({"unchecked", "rawtypes"})
@OneToManyMore @AnyOne @AnyBody
@YouDoNotTalkAboutOneToMany // Fightclub, LOL
    tweak = {
        @TweakID(name = "id", preferredValue = 1839),
        @TweakID(name = "test", preferredValue = 839),
        @TweakID(name = "test.old", preferredValue = 34),
    inCaseOf = {
        @ConditionalXMLFiltering(run = 5),
@ManyToMany @Many @AnnotationsTotallyRock @DeclarativeProgrammingRules @NoMoreExplicitAlgorithms
@Fetch @FetchMany @FetchWithDiscriminator(name = "no_name")
@SeveralAndThenNothing @MaybeThisDoesSomething
@JoinTable(joinColumns = {
    @JoinColumn(name = "customer_id", referencedColumnName = "id")
@DoesThisEvenMeanAnything @DoesAnyoneEvenReadThis
@PrefetchJoinWithDiscriminator @JustTrollingYouKnow @LOL
@IfJoiningAvoidHashJoins @ButUseHashJoinsWhenMoreThan(records = 1000)
@XmlDataTransformable @SpringPrefechAdapter
private Collection employees;

My code tomorrow

var employees;

@Testimonials by our @Annotatiomania @Champions

Alexandre Grison, Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2016

@algrison, @Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2016

One can't disrupt the whole industry without annotations. And then, our company created @DisruptIndustry.
Antonio Goncalves, Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2015

@agoncal, @Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2015

As you know, Java 8 brought @Repeatable annotations. This means that I've migrated all my imperative loops to @Repeatable and now support looping up to 1000 iterations. I love looping through annotations
Roberto Cortez, Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2014

@RadCortez, @Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2014

Thanks to the recent developments in Java EE, I've successfully started a new business selling QW@RTY keyboards. Enterprise professionals can get 3 for the price of 2!
Gregor Riegler, Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2013

@Gregor_Riegler, @Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2013

As professionals we care for what we do, and we always strive for the best. There is no room for mistakes, no room for bugs. Just recently, we have reduced the errors in our code by ~60% using a brilliant invention: The @CatchNullPointerException Annotation.
Markus Winand, Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2012

@MarkusWinand, @Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2012

We have just helped a large customer migrate from tedious XML to beautiful annotations. This is an important step for them to migrate from annotations to JSON.
Simon Martinelli, Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2011

@simas_ch, @Annotatiomaniac of the Year 2011

We prepare our customers for the latest trends in the industry by offering the following courses in our training curriculum: Legacy Programming with Control Flow Structures, Introduction to Modern Programming with Annotations, Advanced Annotations, Annotation Processor Processors, Metaprogramming with Higher Order Annotations, Enterprise Annotations and many more.

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